The procedure for obtaining the MAC address of a device

Overview of Mac Lookup Tool

Lookup for Mac addresses or vendor databases using Mac lookup. Mac addresses for all devices produced are listed in a spreadsheet in the database. As a result of these discoveries, we now have information on the device’s prefix and postfix, as well as the manufacturer’s name and location. Also included in the Mac address is the manufacturer’s country of origin. You may validate the Mac address from the original vendor database using the information provided. 

Explain: What is the MAC address

A MAC address is a device’s physical address, allowing it to be uniquely identified on a network. IP and MAC addresses are required to communicate between two networked devices. The NIC (Network Interface Card) of any device that may link to the internet is allocated this number. “MAC” is an acronym for Media Access Control, also known as BIA (Burned In Address). 

If two devices have the same MAC address, they cannot communicate with each other. Each device’s hexadecimal representation is 00:0a:95:9d:67:16.

Intended to be a permanent part of the NIC, this feature is built into a device at the production time and cannot be modified. MAC addresses are linked to logical addresses using the ARP protocol. 

OUI in Mac Address

The first three hexadecimal digits of OUI stand for Organizationally Unique Identifier. The card’s creator may determine by looking at the back of the card. OUI is a clone of the NICs made by the same firm. The fact that OUI is allocated and registered by IEEE to manufacturers may be vital to you. 

Use the MAC Lookup Tool to Find Out Your Computer’s IP Address. 

A certain manufacturer may find the MAC address by entering the complete address or the first six hexadecimal digits of the address. For example, it can handle 0010fac2bfd5, 00:10: fa:c2;bf;d5, 0010fac2;bf;bf;d5, and many more, such as 0010-fa-c2-bf-d5. 

Suppose you’re looking for a list of MAC address prefixes depending on the manufacturer; type in apple or Apple Computer, Inc. to get started. The tool does not care about the case of the text you order.  A database of IEEE MAC addresses is utilized for this tool. 

Is it possible for a device to have several MAC addresses?

Yes. MAC addresses are unique to each network interface on your device. You will notice two MAC addresses if your laptop has both an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi built-in. 

Can someone track my MAC address?

In most cases, you may discover your device’s MAC address in the system settings, general information, or network settings/status. The MAC address is sometimes printed on a label attached to the bottom of a computer or other electronic equipment. 

Manufacturers use several various terms to define the MAC address. These include Hardware IDs, Physical Addresses, Wireless IDs, and Wi-Fi Addresses. 

Wi-Fi MAC addresses are safe to share

Sharing a Wi-Fi Mac address isn’t risky until you install a malicious or damaged piece of software. It might harm the security of your computer or mobile device. With any compromised software, a hacker can disrupt or break your device. 

What is the procedure for obtaining the MAC address of a device using MAC lookup? 

Laptops, PCs, smart gadgets, and gaming tabs have various methods for finding the MAC address. 

The MAC address of laptops and computers: 

Apple’s OS: 

  • Make a selection from the apple menu, then pick System Preferences. 
  • Go to the Preferences menu and choose Network. 
  • To proceed, select Wi-Fi and press the ‘Advance’ button. 
  • The MAC address of your card may be found in the hardware tab. 
  • To return to the main menu, use the Cancel button. 
  • Click the “Advance” button after selecting Ethernet. 
  • The MAC address of your Ethernet card may be found by clicking on the Hardware tab.

Where Can I Look for My MAC Address When Using Linux or Unix? 

  • Carry out the tasks below in super user mode (or with appropriate permissions) 
  • The command is ifconfig -a. 
  • Look for “eth0”. That is the Ethernet adapter that is selected by default. 
  • Find the field that’s labeled “HWaddr” now. Your MAC Address may be found in the value shown next to it. 
  • That is the correct format for your MAC Address, which is: 00-14-22-04-25-37 

Where Can I Look for My MAC Address on My iOS Device? 

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • In the settings menu, select the General option. 
  • Now, select the About option from the menu. 
  • Find the field labeled “Wi-Fi Address.” 
  • Your MAC Address may be found by looking at the value in this field. 
  • The format of your MAC Address should look like this: M:M: M:S:S: S. Take, for instance: 00-14-22-04-25-37

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