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The Benefits Of Installing Casement Windows

In far too many homes these days it feels like the windows were put in as an afterthought. “Hey, it’s kind of dark in here! Maybe we should install a window!” Even if there are a number of windows present, they are very often too small and placed too high on the wall to comfortably look out of. Worse yet, they are usually the kind that can’t be opened, so you can’t let any fresh air in through them! If this sounds familiar to you, then it might be time for you to make an upgrade to a better kind of window!

If you are thinking about installing new windows in your home that are big enough to see the view from, and that are a breeze to open and close so the breeze can actually come inside, then what you need is called a casement window, they are clearly the answer to your problem! Those homeowners who are looking for great ventilation and to have an unobstructed view out into their garden find casement windows to be the perfect solution.

Casement windows are not really a new design, they have been around for ages, but somehow, they went out of style for a while. Now they are making a big comeback thanks to their versatility and beauty. The casement window’s design features hinges on the sides so they can open outward to either the left or right just like a doorway. If you put two of them together, they can meet in the middle and you can open both sides to get the maximum fresh air blowing through!

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Some types of casement windows are called “crank windows” because they have a handle that can be cranked, extending a supporting arm that will push the window outwards to an open position. They are made to be easy to open and close with their fold-down handle, so children and adults will have no trouble with them.

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and sunrooms are where you might find them in some older homes, but by no means are they limited to those, any room of the house can do well with casement windows, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any setting.

The following are some of the pros that make casement windows such a great choice!

Ventilation – Casement windows offer fantastic ventilation, because they open outwards they can catch the breeze better than other window types, and you can crank them open a hundred per cent instead of just partially ajar.

Energy Efficient – Casement windows do great when it comes to sealing off the cold weather outside while they are closed, which helps to maintain the desired temperature indoors which will do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency.

Easy To Wash – Nobody likes to wash the windows, but casement windows make it so easy you won’t mind as much! The cranked-open position gives you the option of reaching around to clean the outside while still being inside!

If this all sounds good to you then consider doing some remodelling and replacing your boring old windows with lovely new casement windows, they can promise a refreshing change with a great view out!

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