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This article is going to be interesting where we will provide an easy and comprehensive guide to the most asked question and that is how to enable dark mode. To get an easy guide keep reading the below article and follow each step carefully.

About is a website where that provides you with complete knowledge of personal computers from their history to the current advanced technology of computers such as information technology and artificial intelligence etc. all this information is shared on pc history website through blogs, videos, and images, etc.

Introduction to the dark mode

The dark mode is the newly emerged feature in website design. This feature is crucial because of the common use of pc and mobile phones till late at night.

Dark mode, also known as night mode or dark theme, presents a visually appealing alternative to the traditional light-colored user interface. When activated, dark mode replaces the bright background with a dark or black backdrop, while text and other elements are displayed in lighter colors. This change not only enhances the aesthetics of websites but also provides numerous benefits to users, such as reduced eye strain, improved battery life on devices, and better visibility in low-light environments.

Dark mode has gained widespread adoption across various applications, including web browsers, social media platforms, and mobile operating systems. Its increasing popularity has prompted many websites, including, to incorporate dark mode options to cater to user preferences and improve overall user experience.

In this article, we will guide you on the implementation of dark mode on dark mode. 

Understanding Dark Mode on

Users are interested in knowing the implementation of a dark mode on particular website because of its long-term use. Users use this website for a long time a day as it contains dozens of interesting information regarding pc. In this case, it becomes crucial to make a transition from a white background to a dark mode. As the dark mode is a little human-friendly especially when you use a screen in the dark for a long period.

Implementation of Dark Mode on

Unfortunately, don’t have a direct option to transform your white background into a dark one. But still, there are several methods through which you can easily turn on your dark mode while using the website.

  1. Night eye browser extension: 

Night Eye is a browser extension that can solve your problem and can transform your background into dark mode. Night eye extension is not only useful for the particular website but in contrast you can use it for almost all the websites.

Steps to enable night eye 

Step 1.

While enabling the dark mode you need to visit the night eye official website by searching in google

Step 2

After opening the website now find the icon of your browser that you use such as Chrome etc.

Step 3

By tapping the selected icon, it should take you to your browser extension store.

Step 4

The last step is just to select the add button and all your open webpage and website including will immediately get the night eye effect and now you will be able to enable dark mode easily.

Turn off the lights browser extension 

Turning off the lights is the second browser extension that can be used for enabling the dark mode. In addition to this browser extension turning off the lights allow users to customize the website background, text, and hyperlinks colors. It means this extension is more customize and you can create an environment of your own choice while using the website at late night.

Steps to enable turning off the lights 

Step 1 

The first step is to visit the turn off the Lights website through Google.

Step 2 

The second step is to download the Turn off the Lights extension for your concerned browser in my case google chrome for example.

Step 3 

After downloading you have to activate the dark mode which will affect all your open webpages and websites including


This was all about dark mode. Dark mode has several benefits including health benefits as compared to light background. To enable dark mode on famous website pc history you may not find a direct option inside the website to change your background from light to dark. Instead, you can use the above-mentioned techniques to enable dark mode easily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is is a website that provides all the pc related information from software to hardware. From AI to coding, from hacking to gaming.

  • Can I enable dark mode on pc history directly?

Still, there is no option to get dark mode directly while using the pc history website. Additionally, you have some other techniques through which you can transform your background color into dark and that is browser extension which we already mentioned above.

  • Why dark mode?

Dark mode has several benefits including minimized blue light exposure, reduced eye strain, extended battery life, etc.

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