Open Upload South32 Suing Bhp.Com 100 Billion Dollars Class Action Lawsuit Flikr

Are you here to know about the open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit flikr you arrived at the right place. In this article, we will talk about bhp stock fishin director south_32 and other related keywords.

Before going to know all about www.south32 CEO suing bhp s32 billion of dollars. Photos first let’s explore south 32 and BHP.

About South32

South32 is a wide and popular company that works in the field of natural resources. The main focus of this company is to produce commodities including bauxite, copper, aluminum, silver, Nickle, zinc, and other metallurgical coal and manganese. All these metals are essential sources of current renewable energy.

This company is active around the globe and has offices in Australia, South America, and southern Africa. This company is working to find more ways for renewable energy.

South32 has the vision to improve the lives of people around the globe through the development of natural resources.

About BHP Billiton

BHP works similar to south32. This company is also searching for raw materials to provide the world’s best and more energy. This energy can be used to run our vehicles, build our roads, hospitals, bridges, etc.

If we look back at this company it is working for the last 135 years. Since 1885 BHP working for the better life of humans by producing raw materials to meet the standard of human life. BHP produces raw materials like iron ore, copper, Nickle, metallurgical coal, and potash. Same like south32, BHP also has its main office in Australia, but it is active in more than 90 locations.

Mike henry is the CEO of BHP.

Where we can observe the south32 and BHP commodities in daily life?

The raw material provided by south32 or BHP can be seen in every aspect of life. Let’s talk about some of them with practical usage.

Copper: Copper is nowadays become very common because of its property as a good conductor of electricity and heat. This metal can be seen in a household with the help of which we can run our electricity. Technically (Copper allows the free electron which becomes efficient in the movement of charges which create current)

Aluminum: on the other hand aluminum can be used in a huge variety of products such as cans, window frames, and airplane parts because of its light-weighted property. Similarly, other raw materials developed by south32 have their use and features.

That was about the similarities between south32 and BHP. Now it’s time to spotlight on open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit flikr.

open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit flikr

You may know that in the past south32 was a part of the BHP company. On 25 may 2015 BHP decided to demerge the south32 company. And now south32 is independently working and it has its shares.

At the time of demerging more than 90% of shareholders of BHP were in the favor of south32 demerger. During demerged of south32 the chairman Jac Nasser said that this demerged will be in the favor of BHP and this demerged will create two successful companies in BHP Billiton and south32.

www.south32 CEO suing bhp s32 billion of dollars. Photos is a business conflict between two big and known companies. This conflict is because of the south32 Flikr photograph policy. South32 claims that because of BHP’s open upload policy they have the right to make a lawful appeal against them. As BHP uploaded lots of south32 photographs to the famous photo website Flickr, and south32 add that in these uploads south32 was not informed. That’s why south32 is hurt emotionally and now suing BHP for $100 billion in a class action lawsuit.

It was the alleging that the privacy of Flickr users is not safe as BHP Billiton used more than 100 million photographs without permission. In this complaint, it was also mentioned that BHP also downloaded and saved the private photographs on Flickr.

Similarly, they have the conflict of bhp 100 billion dollars stock fraud class action lawsuit flikr. In this business conflict, south32 claims a misleading statement from BHP about the values of its shares.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does south 32 mine lithium?

No, south32 is not a miner of lithium. Instead, it produces other minerals such as copper, silver, lead, zinc, nickel, etc.

  1. Is south32 still working under BHP?

No, after demerging the south 32 is independent of BHP company. And now both have their unique shares in the market.

  1. Is BHP the largest mining company around the globe?

After Glencore, BHP is the second largest mining company in the world.

  1. What country owns BHP?

Australia is the country that has BHP like largest mineral company. Similarly, south32 also own by Western Australia.

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