HIFU, A Non-Invasive Method For Removing A Double Chin

Despite our best efforts to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise, there are times when because of ageing and genetics our bodies do things we don’t want them to, things that we feel detract from our appearance. In the past, we were pretty much stuck with the cards nature dealt us for good or for ill, but now thanks to advances in modern medical science there are many unwanted cosmetic physical conditions that can be altered and improved!

According to polls, there is one condition in particular that bothers us more than any other, and that more people seek remedy for, the double chin. This condition formerly required surgery, but now there is a faster, safer, less invasive method of double chin removal called HIFU, which stands for high-intensity ultrasound. This innovative treatment targets certain layers of tissue beneath the skin utilizing precisely targeted focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the natural production of collagen and tighten up tissue. HIFU therapy provides amazing results, lifting and firming the skin to reduce the double chin and improve the overall contour of the face.

HIFU has proven to be a highly effective and popular treatment thanks to the following benefits it provides:

  •  Precisely Targeted – The treatment area is very carefully and precisely targeted by HIFU’s high-intensity ultrasound waves to ensure that only the unsightly fat cells are affected and that surrounding tissue is safely excluded.
  •  Stimulates Collagen Production – HIFU not only removes unwanted fat, it also stimulates collagen production leading to improved elasticity of the skin and providing a youthening effect on one’s appearance.
  •  Fast Results – Having a HIFU treatment performed only takes an hour or less, and doesn’t require a lot of downtime for healing to occur. These pain-free and fast results make it possible for recipients to resume their daily activities shortly after the procedure is finished!
  •  Non-Invasive – HIFU doesn’t require any incisions be made, nor is any kind of anaesthesia necessary, it’s a completely non-surgical treatment, which makes it a safer, low-risk option. If you are someone who is planning to undergo double chin cosmetic surgery, please consider HIFU, the non-invasive alternative.

So, what exactly happens during a HIFU treatment session? The clinician uses a handheld device to direct focused ultrasound energy at the area under the chin. Recipients report that the procedure is quite comfortable, with some experiencing a mild tingling sensation and a sense of warming during the procedure. While each individual has unique needs, in general, the treatment only requires around 30 minutes to an hour!

In most cases HIFU results take some time to reach their full effects, the improvements are usually gradual and continue to take shape in the following weeks as more collagen production happens. Many people notice visible improvements after just a single session, but multiple treatments are recommended for the best results, although that also depends on how severe the double chin’s condition is.

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Following the procedure, no special aftercare is required. Some recipients have reported a mild case of swelling or redness, but this goes away in a couple of days, resulting in a smoother, more attractive single chin!

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