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Everything to Know About Securing a Glass Table Top with Custom Table Bases

You’ve just moved into your new house but you have not yet chosen a table that will match your preferences. Glass tables may be an elegant choice but you’re quite worried about the fact that the tabletop may easily break. While it may be true, however, this article will change your mind about your doubts about the table design.

Keeping the Glass Table Top in Place with the Table Base

You should have an adhesive or a strong glue that will keep the tabletop in place when attached to the bases. You’ll also need the assistance of some hardware and velcro to supplement the adhesive that has been placed on the underside of the glass tabletop just so the bases are securely connected.

  1. Strong Transparent Glues

A strong transparent glue offers longer security in linking the tabletops to the table bases. One common type is plaster which is much safer, easy to wash, and can be reused. However, it could be obvious when it is placed on the surface of the glass table top due to its visible color.

  1. Screws and hooks

The combination of various types of screws and glass brackets is also a known method in attaching the glass tabletops to the bases. However, metal screws are also prone to rust and may turn loose as time pass which would mean having to replace them. But there are high-quality screws and hooks available but are only expensive. The advantage is that you’re guaranteed to have a secured tabletop connected to the bases.

  1. Velcro

A material is known for securing things inside space shuttles, Velcro could be your key to keeping the glass tabletop with the bases. It is also easier to detach the table parts when you want to clean every part of the table, especially for those tables with custom table bases. There are also other kinds of tape like the screening tape but are made in colors black or white so it might not suit well with your theme.

Keeping a Glass Table Top Connected to a Wooden Base

Glass tabletops surely add that wow factor to the usual table bases, even those made out of wood. A unique table design through the combination of two very different materials. The wood should be coated with preserving chemicals to keep its appearance intact for a long time and not chip off. To keep the glass tabletop in place, you’ll need a strong bonding method like using a silicone sealer or polyurethane adhesive. Putting on the surfaces would require extreme care since it would be hard to remove them once they’re accidentally placed in unwanted areas.

Attaching a Glass Table Top to a Metal Table Base

Two layers of resin could be a really good material to attach the glass table top with the metal bases. Another option would be to utilize silicone hooks and foam patches to strengthen the attachment of the table parts.

Do you need to temper a glass tabletop?

Tempered glasses are highly advised to use especially if there are kids in the house, just to avoid the possibility of slipping or sliding off of the tabletop. Tempered glass table tops are said to be much studier than annealed glass tops.

Many prefer to have tempered glass so that in cases where the table top breaks, it won’t have to break into big shards of broken glass and would rather fall into smaller pieces.

What should be the design of the glass table top?

It’s no doubt that glass tabletops are pleasant and stylish when used as coffee or dining tables. Most people are very cautious in choosing table bases as well, especially if the design matches the glass table tops. But there are also tabletop designs that are not safe because it tends to slip off and appear unsteady which could be very dangerous.

Today, there are very different ways to hold the glass tabletop in place. Some fenders are attached in between which will secure the tabletop and are also less obvious, making the table attractive.


Whether or not you have chosen a very durable type of glass for your tabletop and you have the sturdiest table bases to hold it, you shouldn’t be complacent about how the parts are attached because there are still higher chances of unexpected accidents like tabletops suddenly slipping or falling. It’s better to be prepared to handle any accidents and to keep everyone safe from danger from broken pieces.

When you want to have a personalized version of your glass table, make sure to rely on professional table makers who are qualified and capable of producing a product that abides by industry standards and does not simply use materials of substandard quality. You will be investing a huge amount of money which means there must be a great value for the money you’ve spent for their services and materials needed to create a good glass table.

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