Enjoy Low-Cost Business Growth with Outsourcing

So, you had a unique business idea; you crunched the numbers, did some market research, which led to a business plan. You are so confident that business will be brisk and that means growth, the acquisition of assets and the hiring of staff – this requires a lot of capital, so what to do? Refuse business to keep things manageable? Turning down business is a big no-no; there is a way you can grow in a structured manner, which is, of course, outsourcing.

Asian providers

The following services are available from Asian providers:

  • Sales & marketing
  • Office admin
  • Customer support
  • Bookkeeping & accounting
  • IT Admin & support

You can even engage the services of a remotely located receptionist to handle all incoming calls; she is fully briefed on your business and will forward calls and receive messages. When you outsource work to Philippines, you do not have the huge commitments of direct employment; you can terminate the service with 30 days’ notice. The Philippines is the number one destination for remote outsourcing; the standard of education is high, everyone has a BA and the cost of living is low, which means affordability.

Virtual customer support

Of course, it is vital to offer good customer service and this can come at a cost if you directly hire people. When you approach a leading outsourcing agency, they connect you with a major call centre in Manilla and your virtual customer support people are fully briefed on your business and will act as a responsible ambassador for your company. Click here for information on warehouse management system and how to choose the right one.

Professional call handling

They can handle any volume of calls and issue a guarantee that all calls will be answered within 5 seconds and you can’t get any better than that! This frees up your valuable resources, while the customer support staff liaise with you as and when required, much like they would if they were your direct employees. Simply put, your remote staff are part of your organisation and act accordingly.

Sales & marketing

If you are launching a new product line and would like a team of telemarketers to read your script, there are solutions. Telemarketing teams pride themselves on results and you get cost-effective lead generation and you can target any country. If you are wondering how to get in touch with such a provider, there are outsourcing agencies in Australia and they connect local businesses with the services they need. A Google search will take you to their website and you can learn about the various services they offer.

When a small business enjoys a level of success, growth needs to occur and with the right outsourcing agency, you have access to a range of services performed remotely at low rates. This is the smart way to expand a business and with minimum investment, you can provide a service that is second to none.

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