Different types of dates across the world.

Worldwide there is a wide variety of dates that you can find and among them some are of very much best quality. Dates are one of the best , nutritious , rich in fiber vitamins and minerals dry fruit and have amazing properties and health benefits so far. Ajwa khajur are one of the recommended dates in the world.

● Kholas Dates-

These dates originate from the kharja region of Saudi Arabia and are one of the best quality dates having a very smooth texture and are of golden brown in color but they are not very sweet in taste. They are kind of loose dates along with some stickiness and having a great caramel flavor and usually consumed with coffee.

● Medjool Dates-

These dates are also having a very sweet texture and also known as the queen of dates. They are very much sweet and usually large and oval in shape l. They are juicy and yet sticky with reddish brownish in color. They are very much rich in vitamins and minerals and also have a lot of fiber content inside them.

● Saghai Dates-

They are of yellow golden color having dry and crisp but they are not very sweet in taste.

● Barhi Dates-

These dates are also found and consumed in dry form. They have a different kind of crunchiness and have a sweet caramel flavor along with that they are one of the most expensive dates because of its rich properties and nutrients consisting of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

● Safawi Dates-

They are found in mainly madina region and can be used for healing as it has healing properties along with that it has a very soft texture but they are mainly available in dry form. They are dark black in color.

● Amber Dates-

These dates are very expensive because of their rich properties. It is rich in minerals and nutrients and also it is a rich source of protein. It is of black in color

● Ajwa dates-

Ajwa dates are also knows as holy dates in Islam and have a very great texture and taste along with numerous health benefits in so many diseases as it is rich in iron, vitamin and mineral. Check out the ajwa benefits before ordering them out.

● Zahidi Dates-

They are of not very dark brown in color and have an elongated shape. They have a golden shine over the surface. They are also known as butter dates because of golden appearance and having very soft texture with mind sugar content

● Sukkari Dates-

These dates have a lot of therapeutic values and use in treating so many diseases and for overall body nourishment and growth

● Khudri Dates-

They are very much sweet in taste but have some crunchiness while eating , they are of dark brown in color and not very much expensive and can be available easily because of high sweet content diabetic patients should be careful about it
These are some types of dates which have great therapeutic properties along with great nutrition values and can consume one or two dates but diabetes patients should be careful as some are very much rich in sugar content.

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