Desert Safari Dubai Evening Safari Adventure

Desert Safari Dubai

Evening safari

A tour in Dubai called the Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a must-do when you visit. We can help you book the best desert tour.

Planet Adventure Safari Tours will take you off-roading dune bashing in the most up-to-date Land Cruisers. Dune Buggies and Quad Bikes are also available at the campsite. Take some photos in the Red Dunes of the Lahbab desert; it is a peaceful way to watch the sunset over the horizon as you take pictures with your camera.

After going dune bashing, go to Bedouin-style camps. Then, take a camel ride, horseback riding, and sandboard. Our Tanoura dance show, Belly Dancing, and Fire show start later. After an excellent dessert party, you will also have the chance to have a wonderful and tasty dinner.


  • Pick up and drop off from where you are.
  • There is also Dune Bashed & Desert Driving.
  • At the Sunset Photo-Point, you can ride a Quad Bike (optional)
  • As well as Sand Boarding and Camel Riding.
  • In addition to henna painting for women, there are also Arab costumes.
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water are all complimentary.
  • A water pipe and Sheesha are in the room.
  • Appetizers: Shawarma, Falafel, and Sweets
  • This is an international buffet dinner with a barbecue.
  • As for Arabic sweets and mixed fresh fruits, this is what you’ll find
  • An enchanting belly dance show, a Tanoura dance and fire show, and a fire show

Top Activities:

Dune Bashing

The adrenaline-pumping thing to do is dune bashing in every word. During the car’s rapid climb up the dune, you will cheer. Enjoy the crazy fall from the high dunes. In most cases, it lasts for up to 30 minutes, but it can be a lot longer.

As the ride goes on, there will be a lot of breaks. The driver will need to check the tyre pressure between rides. The pressure is lessened to push the sand as hard as possible. A group of friends or your family can have the most fun.

Desert safari is a great way to spend your weekends. People of all ages can enjoy the desert. Dune bashing is more exciting than any roller-coaster ride out there.

Quad Bike

Quad Bike Safari Dubai is an excellent place for a thrilling ride. Our Quad Trekking Dubai visit takes us through the huge sand of the desert ridges in Dubai. Get to see Dubai’s desert in a new way as you ride your quad bike through steep hills, low plateaus, and wide canyons. Our professional guide tours come with the help of a guide who has a lot of experience. They will give you all the information and safety tips you need. Whether you want to search the desert landscape in an ATV quad bike or a powerful dune buggy, it’s up to you. Know the type of car that you want to use. Our tour guide will make sure that everyone is safe and happy before going on a desert trip.

Camel Ride

All the camel safaris in Dubai are the same. The most popular one is a longer camel ride through the desert at sunset, which costs more. They all have dinner and dance at the same desert camp, but some are different. There were no bad parts of the whole thing. It was awesome and worth the cash.

Sand Boarding

It’s hard to figure out what sandboarding is at first. People don’t know about this sport, but it’s like snowboarding, but in the desert! If you’re on a board, you’ll glide down the dunes and across the sand like you were surfing down a snowy mountain. The best part? Also, you won’t get cold.

To make the most of this adrenaline-inducing sport, you’ll be taken to sand dunes of different heights. You can practice the sport at a higher level and make the most of this activity. You won’t want to leave!


6 Hours Tour Duration from 3:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Additional Info:

  • Discounts for large groups can also be found.
  • If you want a private desert safari, you can get it.
  • If you want to hire us, you need to be DTCM-licensed and have a lot of experience.
  • We have the most up-to-date Land Cruiser models. All of our cars are neat and clean.
  • It’s also possible to get a pick-up and drop-off service from Dubai’s cruise terminal and Port Rashid.

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