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Best E-Liquid Recipes You Must Try in 2022

There’s no better way to start making your e-juice than by learning about the well-known recipes other vapers have tried and approved. The vaping e-juices world is undoubtedly fattening every day. The e-juices market keeps growing, with countless flavors emerging by the day. Many vaping enthusiasts use magazines, the internet, and books to learn about vapes, vaping styles, and e-juices safety.

While there are many vendors and outlets where people can buy e-juices, not all of them are licensed. Therefore, vapers want to ensure they always use safe and quality products by researching before shopping. But preparing e-juices at home is increasingly becoming a norm for many vapers.

Currently, vapers can experiment with proven recipes that require them to combine ingredients and flavors. Then, after preparing the e-liquids, vapers can use a dry herb vaporizer to enjoy a product that blends different elements. This post covers some of the best e-liquid recipes to try this year.

Fruit e-Liquid Recipes- Mango Cream

Fruit e-liquid is arguably the best fruity vape juice. It’s a delicious mango cream that many vapers consider the best e-liquid. Its mango taste combines with a vanilla hint and graham cracker balanced by a lemony touch and creamy flavors. And these combinations give vapers a smooth e-juice with versatile flavors embellishing different recipes. Research has shown that flavors are some of the appealing characteristics that stimulate vaping. And if you’re one of the vapers looking for an excellent taste, you will love this recipe.

To prepare this e-liquid, you need the following ingredients:

  • 6% mango of 0.6 ml for 10ml
  • Vanilla custard 3% of 0.3ml for 10ml
  • Vanilla bean ice cream 1% of 0.1ml for 10ml
  • Buttercream 3% of 0.3ml for 10ml
  • Sweet cream 3% of 0.3ml for 10ml
  • Cap graham cracker 1% of 0.1ml for 10ml
  • New York Cheesecake 1% of 0.1ml for 10ml

This vape juice requires one to two weeks of steeping, after which you can enjoy it with the best dry herb vaporizer.

Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe

The simple sugar cookie is an easy-to-prepare vape juice recipe, comprising 12% of flavoring, 8% sugar cookie, and 4% vanilla custard. It requires a short steeping period, hardly a week, and is easy to mix.

Its sugar cookie component is easy to blend with biscuit flavoring, introducing the missing texture. The simple sugar cookie is a versatile recipe that never disappoints, even if you use it in low concentrations. When vaping it with the best vaporizer, you will notice that the favoring stands out.

The significant custard flavoring on the current market is vanilla custard. And if you love custards, you will require them for this recipe. Today, vapers can get vanilla custards in different versions, including eggy, rich, and versatile. Pick the options that suit your taste and use them to add creaminess.

Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Thai coconut ice cream is a simple recipe, requiring three ingredients for the entire 6.25% of flavoring. Preparing this e-liquid requires the following ingredients.

  • Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Coconut
  • Caramel

This recipe requires three to five steeping days. Its preparation entails using coconut flavoring as the additive, free from the behavior of most coconut concentrates with some sunscreen taste. And this flavoring provides this recipe with a coconut paste and coconut milk taste at the same time. Also, this recipe uses caramel-grade flavoring and pure caramel flavor.

Additionally, working with this flavoring is straightforward. Any amount between 0.5 and 2% serves for this DIY e-liquid. You can also combine caramel with seasonings like fruits, tobaccos, and creams. Vanilla bean ice cream also plays a vital role when preparing this e-liquid with the ice-cream profile. It gives this e-juice a good texture, and you can use it with the best marijuana vaporizer.

Lemon Meringue Vape Recipe

This recipe is also known as Lemon Pie because of its taste. It exists in Capella Lemon Meringue flavor, but you can improve it. The delicious recipe with additional vanilla and cake batter didn’t deceive vapers. Some people have enjoyed this e-juice with the best dry herb vaporizer.

Here are the ingredients for this e-juice recipe:

  • 4% lemon meringue pie of 0.4ml for 10ml
  • 3% cake batter of 0.3 for 10ml
  • 2% vanilla custard of 0.2m for 10ml

This recipe has one or two steeping weeks.

Grack Juice Recipe

Grack juice recipe is among the most rated vape juice recipes, and it won Reddit’s catalog in the list of top e-juice recipes in 2016. Most people use the best portable vaporizer and this juice for vape tricks. It has a refreshing taste of grape juice, and it is diketone-free. Its preparation requires different flavorings, including dragonfruit, cactus, sweet strawberry, raspberry, grape, and koolada.

Koolada works as the cooling agent, adding ice to the juice. This ingredient will be perfect for you if you prefer a frozen effect. However, please keep the concentrations low to ensure it doesn’t compete with other flavors.

Sweet strawberry is this recipe’s principal flavoring agent, bringing a candy texture to the mix. Dragon Fruit works as the strawberry booster. Adding a few dragonfruit drops pops up the strawberry, giving the e-juice a juicy and tarty background that you can enjoy with the best cannabis vaporizer.

Grape serves as this e-juice recipe’s base and can work as a solid standalone for grapes lovers. Cactus is the fruit in this recipe, with a small portion doing wonders to this e-juice. Raspberry is the natural flavoring for brightening strawberry mixes. However, use it in low concentrations.

Parting Shot

Research has shown that e-liquid manufacturers use flavors to increase vaping attractiveness and potential exposure to toxic ingredients. Preparing your e-liquid enables you to ensure that only healthy products go into your juice. Thus, you can comfortably enjoy your e-liquid with a weed vaporizer or any other vaping device, knowing that you are consuming a healthy product. The recipes discussed in this article should help you prepare an e-liquid you will enjoy using and even sharing with friends.

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