Why You Must Take Only Fresh Kratom

Kratom is a botanical. This means it will degrade with time. So, its storage needs extra attention. Generally, kratom exhibits a shelf life of 2-3 months. However, people have been able to store it for a year or more through proper storage methods.

It’s not like older kratom would harm you or turn poisonous, yet experts suggest using fresh kratom as much as possible. You can notice a change in taste when the kratom gets too old.

Before you buy large quantities of kratom in New York, know how to store it properly so that it stays fresh for longer.

Fresh kratom is more potent

The fresher the kratom, the more potent it is. Fresh kratom has a higher alkaloid concentration, which begins to decline as the kratom “ages.”

The decline in alkaloid concentration means a lesser effect. This implies you must take a higher dose if the kratom has got old.

 The disadvantage of taking old kratom

Old kratom, as said earlier, has less concentrated alkaloids. So, its potency decreases. To get the desired effect, you must increase the dose. This can make you develop tolerance faster. It could mess up your dose and make give you side effects like an upset stomach and others.

 That’s the reason experts advise buying only fresh kratom

You may have heard or read experts advising people to buy only the freshest kratom available in the market. Fresh kratom is powerful in its effect. For example, fresh Gold Vein Kratom Powder.

Buying older kratom will make you consume it in large quantities, which means you will exhaust your stock faster.

Then, you must buy again. If you buy from the same vendor who gave you old kratom, you are wasting your money. He/she will again give you the same quality kratom. You consume it in larger doses and deplete your supplies quickly.

You are not only developing tolerance but also depriving yourselves of the real taste and power of fresh kratom.

That’s the reason it is inevitable to buy only from licensed vendors who sell fresh and pure kratom. Search for “kratom shop near me” to find such vendors.

Fresh and pure kratom is so powerful you require only a small dose to get the desired effect.

It not only saves you money but also keeps you safe and lets you enjoy the real taste of the botanical.

 Always go for fresh kratom

Using old and weak kratom herb is no wise thing to do. You would hardly get an idea of the ideal dose to achieve the effect, whether you take kratom for energy or pain relief.

And, one fine day, when you stumble upon fresh and pure kratom, you are more likely to overdose because you never knew the exact dose. You would take the earlier huge quantity and get overwhelmed by the strong effects. You may even experience side effects, as your body has adjusted to the old, weak-working kratom.

Well, this is simply depriving you of one of the wonders of nature. Why do you want to do that?

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