Who Is My Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you one of those who are finding my lawyer in Greenville, SC? Then read this. If you got any injury in an accident, you might want to contact a lawyer with a proven success record. Brian Murphy of the Law Offices of Brian Robert Murphy is a personal injury attorney who uses his legal experience to battle insurance companies for you. 

What are personal injury cases and their types?

A personal injury claim refers to various accidents in which the victim suffers injury due to the wrongdoings of a person or business. Greenville’s most frequent personal injury cases are car accidents, motorcycles, and truck crashes. Other personal cases comprise medical negligence, premises liability, and nursing negligence at home.

No matter what kind of matter you are facing, regardless of the type of case you have, an experienced Greenville attorney for personal injuries will assist you in the most crucial aspects of your case. 

For which type of personal injury can you claim money?

Some accidents are catastrophic and leave victims with chronic pain or even disabilities. These victims face staggering medical bills and lost wages. The law allows you to sue the other driver for damages if you can prove that he was partly at fault for the accident. Personal injury attorneys in Greenville, SC, have experience fighting for victims and have helped secure millions of dollars in compensation for their clients.

After you’ve gathered all of the evidence necessary to prove fault and damage, you can proceed with filing a personal injury lawsuit. A good personal injury attorney will evaluate your case and negotiate with the insurance company to get a better settlement. If a settlement is impossible, a Greenville personal injury attorney can take the defendant to court to ensure they pay you the compensation you deserve.

General, also called intangible damages, are losses that do not have an exact dollar amount. These include disfigurement, loss of family services, deprivation of normal life expectancy, alternation of lifestyle, psychological trauma, mental anguish, mental distress, apprehension, anxiety, emotional harm, psychological damage, depression, sexual dysfunction, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Five Star Rated Lawyer, Brian Robert Murphy.

The law firm of Brian R. Murphy has received a 5.0-star rating from 29 reviewers. This rating indicates the law firm’s professionalism in personal injury claims. Brian Murphy has been practicing law for over 14 years, and his legal team provides exceptional service to clients in the Greenville area.

Final Words

Brian Murphy Lawyer law firm has Greenville, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill offices. It focuses on personal injury, negligence, and trucking accidents. Peers and third-party research also recognize him as a top personal injury attorney. His team will fight on your behalf and help you deal with insurance companies.

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