When was Lego invented?

Lego sets are one of the biggest yet fascinating plays of all time. The pieces attachment are relaxing and enhance the creative feature present in a personality. But people who are into history might want to know the origins of Lego and the purpose of making such tremendous revenue generated product of this time.  So, let’s just start digging in with the basic question of “when was Lego invented”?


Origins of Lego:

As of 2021, the Lego Group is considered the largest toy manufacturing company of the time. the reason behind being is the dedication and constant evolution of the styles, features, and required upgrades of the toys.  Lego toys are the amalgamation of differently colored bricks, plates, and Minifigures. You can just the pieces to make anything of your liking, it’s up to the player what they are looking to make from Lego designs.

History of Lego:

The Legos was first started making back in 1932 with the manufacturing of wooden Lego toys, the Lego word was originated from the Danish words leg godt [lɑjˀ ˈkʌt] which states to play well. Denmark was the city where it all started when one of the carpenters of the factory named Billund started making the wooden toys all of the sudden.

1949 was the era of evolving the Legos and was starting manufacturing the products which are quite similar to today’s Lego sets and figures. The interlacing bricks were named the “Automatic Binding Bricks”. The injection molding machine was utilized to create the toys of Legos of “Automatic Binding Bricks”

Role of company moto:

The motto of the Lego Groups which is still aligned with the companies’ strategies was also derived from the Danish stating that “only the best is good enough”.  This one phrase was empowering enough to motivate the employees to not stand back on the quality and the product delivery of the best among all.

I believe the motto has played the main role in keeping the company one of the biggest toy companies; maintaining its sustainability and competitive advantage over the strong winds of the competitors.

In 1953, Godtfred take over the firm and the strategic foresight has made the company climb to the top as at that time he was able to see the full potential of the Lego bricks in the toy market and make it happen.

Evolution of plastic Lego bricks:

The fire in the warehouse in 1960 made all the wooden toys burn at that time. And after that Godtfred, considered the plastic Lego potential in the market over the traditional wooden Legos.

After 1961 the Lego groups never looked back and started it venturing over the countries and exploring the potentials of the market. This made the Lego train the biggest hit of the time which was manufactured from (ABS plastic).

I hope this piece of the blog has assisted you to gain the total information about When was Lego invented? And full history and origins of the Lego company.

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