What things I can upgrade on my laptop?

Are you a hardworking person that travels a lot and uses the laptop for strictly business purposes?

Lately, you have noticed that the performance of the Laptop you have been using for some time now is starting to randomly decrease?
Maybe you have run into some storage problems?
Worry not, you have come to the right place!

Techno Team® will make sure to help you choose the right Laptop upgrade service using the latest hardware ( if compatible ).
The best way to ensure you get the best laptop upgrades is to invest in components of higher quality.
Techno Team® works with the best quality professionals that will make this as easy as possible, while also not compromising on hardware quality.

Why upgrade the components in your laptop?

After some time of use, laptops may start to show some decrease in performance.
If this happens, the time may be right to go for some component upgrades.
There are 5 component upgrades/replacements which can be done, and in most cases, they tend to solve the problems troubling the device.

These include:

– SSD upgrade/replacement
– Hard drive upgrade/replacement
– Ram upgrade/replacement
– Battery replacement

Storage Upgrade :

Most laptop users expect the fast and reliable performance of their devices.
Solid-state drives (SSD) have considerably lesser power consumption, while they also provide a much higher level of read and write speeds compared to your traditional HDDs.
Most laptop enthusiasts prefer SSDs over HDDs because of these reasons. The only downside of SSDs is that they are a little bit more pricey compared to HDDs and so
this option might not fit into everyone’s budget. Worry not, if you are on a tight budget there is also an option for an HDD upgrade which might not be as good as an SSD upgrade,
performance-wise, but will still provide needed reliability. All of your existing data will be intact and transferred to the new storage device(HDD or SSD), so you don’t have to worry about any data losses!

RAM Memory Upgrade :

Does your line of work include applications that are very RAM intensive ( exp. Fl Studio )?
From time to time it happens that you experience random application crashes and you lose all of your hard work?
Techno Team® offers laptop ram upgrade services on various models of laptops.
Whether it is an upgrade or ram replacement, we have trained experts in our workshop that will take care of this problem.

Battery Replacement :

Did you notice that the battery spawn of your device has become lesser and not as reliable as it used to be?
For example, you have to travel a lot and need to get your work done while on the move, but your device can’t keep up with that?
It might be the right time to think about battery replacement!
Techno Team® offers battery replacement for various laptop models, depending on the manufacturer.

if you need help in resolving these problems, feel free to contact Techno Team Labs with any additional questions you have regarding our services.
We hope to hear from you a good comments, and share good advice with you.

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