Trends in Graphic Design You Should Know in 2022

The field of graphic design is quite broad and the novelties that arise create a great impact among the community of creatives who are dedicated to this discipline. Knowing the latest updates in the field will undoubtedly make you stand out.

To create projects that make the audience fall in love, you need to know all the techniques within the world of graphic design, but they never stop producing new ways of representing ideas.

Today, most businesses and brands are looking to move into the digital landscape and for that, they need professionals who know how to accurately shape their products and services. Know the trends of the year 2022 in graphic design!

What are the trends in graphic design?

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You are going to know a list of novelties that will make you expand your knowledge in this discipline and know what projects you can improve and create. Having a variety of techniques will increase your status as a professional.

Letter cutting

This technique consists of applying different typographies and cut letters leaving spaces in between or using backgrounds in the design such as images, illustrations, other words, and 3D objects, among others.

The objective of this technique is to generate a dynamic, original, and visually attractive creative piece. For this reason, different elements are mixed in a subtle way and with different sizes.

The graphic design projects of the year 2022 will present many of these proposals because it is a growing phenomenon within the sector. On the other hand, brands also use part of these designs to give a youthful touch to their advertisements.


This trend is based on mixing shapes or objects of different colors without any kind of order. It is a rather risky proposal in visual terms, but every time new pieces are discovered that have managed to inspire other graphic artists.

Within maximalism, extravagant and contrasting colors are used to achieve a sense of chaos. Within this technique no rules are followed, so the imagination of each designer is free.

3D graphic elements

There are more and more image banks where 3D images can be found, which can be used to give life to a website or video platform. The creation of 3D pieces has become a very popular trend among young designers.

To provide a good 3D design for a brand, it is necessary to use original images and, if possible, of the product and service. This way, you will get better results and stand out thanks to this booming technique.


The famous phrase “less is more” has also been part of these trends for graphic pieces. Within this technique, basic shapes are used, with soft and contrasting colors to highlight the main object.

This trend has been growing in 2021 and will continue to do so. Having an image that is light, easy to see, and with a clear message is now a claim. It is not necessary to clutter a design with images and lettering to catch the audience’s attention.

Retro styling

Vintage style is having a series of changes, in which the best of the past is adopted to add vivid colors in different creative pieces with psychedelic and retro-futuristic touches. Retro style in a design does not have to imply melancholy.

Grainy textures, gradients, earthy colors, attractive lettering, and curvilinear typography are often added to the result. All these elements are part of the new retro style in the design world.


These particular icons never go out of fashion and are now more present than ever in graphic pieces. They are a powerful visual communication tool and allow to convey a mood. An emoji implies less space and fewer words, so they will continue to be the protagonists of the next works. Brands have also joined this trend to express emotions and communicate a message in a close way.

In short, the new trends of 2022 in the world of graphic design will come loaded with geometric shapes, extravagant colors, an apocalyptic atmosphere, and a lot of originality and extravagance. But there will also be simple designs that convey deep and meaningful messages.

Techno Dystopia

The pandemic has meant a before and after in humanity, to the point of being part of the creativity of many graphic artists, who want to represent this reality. To do so, they use gas masks, androids, and viruses in their creations.

This trend will continue to boom in 2022, so there will be a wave of creative pieces full of fantasy and with an apocalyptic touch.

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