The right clothing for motorcycle road trips

Are you planning a long road trip, and now you are thinking about what kind of protective gear you might need? Don’t worry, you found the perfect article. Here we will give you helpful tips and tricks to find the best motorcycle gear in Australia.

Why is the right choice of motorcycle clothing for road trips so important?

Are you planning a motorcycle road trip in France, Italy, or the US? Keep in mind that on a road trip you must be able to rely on your motorcycle clothing. It must protect you in case of an accident and make driving for an extended period of time more comfortable. Especially on long road trips, when you are on your bike for hours on end, you need to have the right gear that functions as a valuable tool for your travels. 

Just imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, already a few days into your trip, no city or town in sight, and suddenly, your boots break. This is a bad situation and can be prevented when choosing the right gear.

You shouldn’t miss out on this motorcycle gear for your road trip:

Driving around for hours, planning the perfect route, and just living the dream? That sounds incredible, but don’t lose your sense of reality. When driving, you might get tired, sweaty, or just stiff – you might even lose focus. In cases like this, you need to be sure that you have the right equipment to protect you in an emergency. 

Find out what gear you should get!

The right helmet

The helmet is one, if not the most, essential part of your protective gear. Count on full-face helmets for the best protection and regularly check if they might need to be exchanged for a new model. If you are in the market for a new helmet, try multiple options and see which one works best. 

Remember that you will wear this helmet every time you are on your bike; that’s why it must be comfortable!

Long and comfortable pants

We recommend long pants, not just as a protection against the sun, but also in case of an accident since they can prevent bruising. In long leather pants, you might get hot, especially in summer, but it is worth it. 

You can choose leather pants or really thick motorcycle jeans as an alternative. 

A leather jacket

Every biker needs a leather jacket, right? They do not only look great but will offer your upper body the necessary protection – again, in case of an accident. Leather is an excellent material that will last a long time; that’s why you should see a good leather jacket as an investment rather than as an expense.


Boots must give you a good grip on the motorcycle, that’s why quality is so important. It’s best to opt for higher boots that allow you to tuck in your pants. Every bit of exposed skin is vulnerable to bruises and rashes

Don’t forget the gloves

Many people don’t think about gloves, but they might come in handy. Rather than burning your hands in the sun, you have them covered. Not just that, but your hands are also quite fragile, which could result in bruising and even broken bones in an accident.


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