The first stages of running a YouTube channel

In this article, we would like to share the skills that will come in handy for your first month as a YouTube blogger. Here we will tell you what you should take care of first of all, at what stage should you start promotion and whether you need to buy YouTube views to become famous.

Step 1. You need to overcome camera fear

The first problem that beginner bloggers often face is the fear of the camera. But you should seriously tune in and understand that you have a long and difficult path ahead of you. However, almost everyone knows the moment when you pick up a camera, no one even looks at you and you don’t plan to publish this video, but you still can’t even express your thoughts aloud in a panic, pronouncing word by word.

Tips-exercises to deal with fear:

  • Record your first test video;
  • Look at yourself from the outside;
  • Identify problem areas that you do not like;
  • Try to fix it and work on yourself;
  • Click the record button and go;
  • Repeat this exercise until you feel freer and more relaxed.

As a rule, with this approach, it takes a couple of weeks to overcome fear.

Step 2. Choosing an idea for a channel

One of the main problems of a beginner content maker is what topic to shoot this content on. Firstly, there are many of them, secondly, you seem to have already decided to become a blogger, and you have already achieved everything in your dreams, but you still cannot answer the question of what you want to broadcast to a mass audience.

Those who professionally teach content shooting say that the first videos will be disgusting and low quality, but the main thing is to start posting them. To some extent they are right. However, try to create something of high quality so that you do not have to buy views on YouTube for each of your work. We also recommend that you create a posting schedule and follow it consistently so that your subscribers look forward to the next release on the same day.

Step 3. Shooting process.

And so the shooting process begins. Try to discipline yourself from the first days and learn to plan the days that you will dedicate to publishing.

The process of creating a video consists of several stages:

  1. Search for a topic.
  2. Research on the topic.
  3. Prepare the script.
  4. Shooting video.
  5. Editing.
  6. Uploading video to YouTube

Step 4. Analytics

Actually, it is because of this step that you will not close the YouTube tab at all. We would like to caution you against indicators and metrics that may upset you.

It is better to immediately tune in to a small number of views. But we would like you to pay attention to the number of minutes that the viewer spends on your video. If the user closes the video in the first seconds, as in most cases, then from that moment you will begin to grow, because you will lose the idea that you are perfect. At this point, you will start trying new things to keep your viewers.

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