The Best Place To Get Roses In Singapore And Tips On Choosing Them

Roses are a popular gift for significant occasions, like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even for no reason. Many people think it’s only possible to buy roses in a flower shop. The truth is that you can find fresh roses all around Singapore, any time of the year. There are several outlets to get your favorite flowers: from supermarkets to specialty shops. You may have never considered these places before, but they make for an excellent last-minute gift.

While you can pick up fresh-cut roses in several places, Floristique is the best place that offers quality fresh roses in Singapore for a reasonable price. This shop offers a vast selection of flowers, but the star of their show is the bouquet of red roses. It comes with roses arranged beautifully in a basket. Since the flowers are fresh and picked up that morning, the bouquet is very vibrant and beautiful. The price is also very reasonable, so this bouquet of roses can efficiently serve as a gift for any occasion.

Tips on choosing the right roses

If you want to impress your loved ones with a bouquet of roses, you should choose the right roses. Several factors can make your rose gift unique and memorable. They include:

  1. Roses that are in full bloom

You can get roses at your local supermarket or grocery store, but they might not be in their best shape. The flowers may also be starting to wilt. That rose bouquet will not do justice to the occasion you want to commemorate. Instead, it would be best to opt for floral arrangements made with fresh-cut roses, like those you can buy at Floristique.

  1. Roses in a different color

If your loved ones are fond of red roses, you can get flowers of that color. Of course, there are other hues such as purple and pink too. But if you have a specific preference, let your florist know in time for the bouquet’s delivery.

  1. Choose roses with enough flowers

You do not have to choose a bouquet of just one single rose. Some people prefer having a mixed bouquet. In that case, you can opt for a couple of different colors of roses like pink, purple, or red. You can also get mixes of different varieties like Hybrid Tea roses and Grandifloras.

  1. Flowers with specific fragrance

If you know your loved one has a particular fragrance for their flowers, then get them Roses with that scent. For example, if they like roses with a citrus fragrance, it might be good to get them a mix of hydrangeas and roses.

  1. Buy Roses with long stems

Floral arrangements don’t have to be perfect circles or cubes. They can be any shape you like, as long as they contain sufficient flowers. However, they have to have a long stem to ensure that they will not be crushed.


Many people enjoy having flowers in their homes, and they would like to surprise their loved ones with a bouquet every once in a while. Roses are all around Singapore, but they are not readily available in many places. While there are many options to get roses in Singapore, Floristique offers a great range of fresh-cut roses at reasonable prices.

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