Ready 3d models – for creative solutions in the gaming industry

Do you run a computer graphics studio, fulfilling yourself in designing video games? Are you interested in a wide range of special effects, thanks to your trademark will gain top popularity among fans of virtual games?

You’ve come to a great place! At 3DmKits we successfully create and sell modern graphics in the form of ready-made and easy-to-edit models. If you have not used this type of technical solution so far – you need to get to know our offer even more!

Why is it worth using ready-made 3D models?

The field of gaming has been developing incredibly dynamically over the last decade. The demand for creating virtual spaces, characters and scene development systems is still growing.

Designing computer graphics for games is often associated with very arduous, complicated and multi-stage work. In the flood of orders and implementation, we do not always have a chance to complete the project within the agreed deadlines. Delays start to form, often resulting in financial losses as well.

Ready 3D models are intended to facilitate the work of all graphic designers, accelerate the pace of implementation of computer game scenarios and have a positive impact on their content. Instead of creating a project from scratch, you can use a ready-made solution. And all this without any harm to the uniqueness of the game!

Why is it worth to use 3D assets from 3DmKits?

Our ready-made 3D models for games and animations are distinguished by the fact that:

– In arranged scenes you can move in any direction, render has the optimal setting, and models for better readability have been divided into groups and sorted on layers;

– There are no annoying snippets or problems with Obj and FBX;

– There are no external plugins and modifiers that could cause faults in other versions of the application and during conversion. If someone uses a solution like V-Ray, he also gets a standard render;

– They are fully ready to be deployed into the game world;

– They have simple naming of all created forms and textures, which makes working with scenes on multiple layers quick and easy.

Which projects are the most popular?

We place emphasis on the continuous development and expansion. Thanks to this, we are always one step away from others in this industry. In our online store, spatial solutions await you, among others. as:

– cityscape scenes,
– ruined city 3d models,
– building 3d models like Industrial buildings, skyscrapers, apartments, offices,

– widely developed architecture – bridges, highway streets, in various configurations and connections with other elements of the urban landscape,

Many computer graphics studios have already benefited from our services, in which premieres of both simple and short games were prepared, as well as more complex projects. We are equally proud of each cooperation and we are glad that more and more owners of creative enterprises related to applied arts have decided to trust us. This is a huge capital for the future!

3D models for games and movies – the virtual world must have its own expression!

We make sure that the 3D models for games and movies presented in our portfolio are aesthetically the most faithful reflection of real landscapes. Therefore the player is transferred to a new world without the impression that he is surrounded by artificial reality.

Our 3D specialists, thanks to their professionalism, have created a quality thanks to which players do not want to leave the virtual world of the game. Our 3D models have increased the quality of many film and gaming production, also with small production budgets.

We invite you to take advantage of 3d models shop offer from 3DmKits.

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