Pregnancy worries? Get help with Pre-pregnancy counseling in Mumbai

Are you among them that have no clue about pregnancy but want to know more? Pregnancy is a very beautiful yet complicated journey but many couples fail to understand how exactly they are to manage a pregnancy, to solve this, Pre-pregnancy counselling can help you out.

In this article, we shall see Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, one of the leading gynaecologists in Mumbai currently practising his expertise at  Babies & us  IVF & ICSI centre, Mumbai, will give an overview of pre-pregnancy counseling.

Babies & us IVF & ICSI fertility center is one of the best IVF centers in Mumbai.

Dr. Hrishikesh says that many couples who come to his clinic are completely unaware of the effort and care that goes into pregnancy. He has helped them achieve a healthy pregnancy.

What is pre-pregnancy counseling?

Pre-pregnancy counseling is a general meeting with a gynecologist before attempting to conceive a baby.

This meeting usually takes about six months prior so that the woman can prepare herself physically and mentally better for the process.

The woman has to prepare her body to be healthy during the entire process and reduce any risks related to health, says Dr Hrishikesh.

What is involved in pre-pregnancy planning?

In a pre-pregnancy counseling session, the doctor asks you to provide details about yourself like your personal medical history, family history, and lifestyle.

There will be a questionnaire section where the doctor will ask about your body.

Personal Medical history

The doctor would ask you about your medical background, if you have any allergies if you had any previous surgeries, or any medical conditions.

Family medical history

This questionnaire will help the doctor to understand whether any family members have any rare disease or disorder that may be passed to the child.

Gynecology history

The doctor will ask you about your periods, whether they are regular or irregular, are the periods very painful, if you have PCOS, vaginal infections, or any other problems relating to the vagina or the reproductive system.


The doctor will ask you details about your lifestyle, whether you are living a good and healthy life, or do you drink alcohol or smoke, which are dangerous during the entire pregnancy stage, says Dr Hrishikesh.

Tests conducted during the counseling

. The doctor will conduct a physical test that will reveal the state of your internal body, like the lungs and abdomen. Whether you have any medical conditions, weight and blood pressure also include you.

Pelvic test

In the pelvic exam, the doctor will check out your uterus, cervix, vagina, and ovaries to determine whether they are in good shape and healthy enough for a baby to conceive and be birth.

This test will also help to know if you have any infertility issues.

Pap test

From this, the doctor will be able to determine if you have any signs of cancer.Pap test is where the doctor inserts a needle like instrument to check for cervical cancer.

What After pre-pregnancy counseling

Vaccination will  give before and after conception. You will be asked to follow some advice like eating healthy, losing weight, changing your lifestyle like exercising regularly, keeping stress at bay and practicing some relaxation methods.

The doctor may prescribe some folic acid tablets. Folic acid is essential in a baby’s spinal cord development; also, the lack of folic acid can pose a threat to the female body during pregnancy

Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice and always keep up with the appointment.

If you find yourself unsure about anything, consult your doctor immediately.


In this article, we saw an overview of pre-pregnancy planning.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is one of the best gynecologists in Mumbai. Her clinic, Babies & us IVF & ICSI in Mumbai, is one of the best facilities that offer pre-pregnancy counseling that has helped a lot of couples.

Pre-pregnancy counseling is mandatory for couples in this era as people are very occupied and Pre-pregnancy will help you prepare well before the conception up to the baby’s delivery.

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