Meditech vs NextGen – Which One To Invest In?

About Meditech

Meditech EHR is a popular name in the healthcare world. Meditech assists health care facilities in managing their day-to-day operations so that they may provide better treatment and customer support. It is used by health care companies of all sizes to perform duties including charting and recording, scheduling, and revenue administration, among others.

It enables clinicians to digitally document and record clinical information, resulting in increased efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced healthcare quality. It also helps agencies handle at-home patient duties, order supplies, arrange appointments, the bill for services, and keep track of documentation.

Meditech EHR Features


Telehealth features are another critical feature of Meditech EHR software, as per recent Meditech EHR reviews. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated shutdown, several healthcare centers, for example, lost clients and experienced financial losses. Medical practices, on the other hand, can now use Meditech’s Telehealth function to set up a digital video conference and advice clients over the internet.

Clients can attend to them from the convenience and safety of their own households, and you can use telehealth technologies to schedule appointments online. Therefore, telehealth is a great alternative to in-person consultations. During the Meditech EHR demo, you can look at this functionality.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Particularly if your firm is small or independent, revenue cycle management is essential. This feature of Meditech software helps you monitor your finances at all times. This tool also allows you to predict your prospective financial condition and judge whether or not you are performing well.

Having a strategy to analyze financial performance is crucial for small independent practices to understand where they need to improve and if there is anything to be worried about. Keeping account of all the money that comes in and out of your practice makes it easier to keep track of everything, and, as a result, it’s easier to grow. You can do the same using Meditech software!

Appointment Scheduling

Another aspect that many Meditech EHR reviews consider a game-changer is the scheduling function in Meditech EHR. This application allows you to schedule your appointments so that you can visit as many clients as possible in a single day. Furthermore, the program sends out appointment reminders to both you and your patients, reducing no-shows.

Furthermore, if a patient cancels or reschedules an appointment at the last minute, the program uses a waitlist option to quickly schedule a new patient, guaranteeing that your time is never compromised.

NextGen EHR

NextGen software is a sophisticated, integrated digital health record platform designed to fulfill the needs of all types of outpatient and specialty care facilities. It enables providers to save time while providing high-quality care, resulting in increased client satisfaction and revenue. The company advocates for national interoperability to make it easier for patients’ data to be shared among diverse systems. For effective and quick documentation, you can use the software’s best-in-class capabilities. As a result, better care coordination, accurate information, lower risk, and improved diagnosis are achieved. According to NextGen EHR reviews, the program features a mobile app that allows doctors to give care while on the go.

NextGen EHR Features

Reporting and Analytics

NextGen’s reporting tool enables you to set goals for your practice and track its progress. You can also compare your practice to peer practices and payer goals in real-time. If the normal reports don’t meet your needs, you can develop bespoke reports using your EHR and EPM data. Third-party providers, such as TempDev, can help you create the custom reports you need to fulfill the goals of your practice. You can also create custom reports and dashboards with your NextGen EPM data. TempDev has designed a number of specialized reports to help you track supplier coding trends, appointment procedures, front-desk operations, and revenue cycle management.


The NextGen EMR is fully integrated, allowing you to view all of your medical, operational, and financial information from a single location. Integrate NextGen with your General Ledger System to guarantee accurate accounting and financial reports. NextGen’s Patient Portal’s comprehensive patient satisfaction surveys help you stay on top of client satisfaction metrics and improve the customer experience. You could utilize NextGen to easily communicate data to your clients’ other physicians, including hospitals, to improve integrated and coordinated treatment. You can also avoid repeat testing and referrals by using the Health Information Exchange (HIE). Finally, through the Patient Portal, NextGen gives patients access to their medical data, enabling them to be more active in their own healthcare.

Streamlined Workflow

NextGen EMR, a user-friendly technology, will assist ASCs and ambulatory care providers. This means that NextGen isn’t concentrated on tasks that aren’t relevant to your practice. Instead, NextGen interacts with the office visit operations of primary care settings, clinics, and specialist practices. Workflow templates in the EHR guide users through the processes required to accomplish activities that improve the movement of patients through your practice or the flow of client data such as medical, demographic, and billing records.

NextGen EHR pricing vs. Meditech EHR Pricing

NextGen EMR pricing has not been published by the vendor. You can simply schedule a NextGen EHR demo and find out all of its pricing plans. Just like NextGen, Meditech EHR pricing plans have also not been published publically. To know Meditech EHR pricing, please get in touch with the vendor and book a Meditech EHR demo. 

Final words!

NextGen EHR and Meditech EHR are two excellent software solutions. Which software will go with your practice better totally depends on the type of practice you work in. To find out the answer to this question, you can simply go through Meditech EHR reviews and NextGen EHR reviews. The reviews will help you find out the thoughts of their current customers. You can also get in touch with their vendors and schedule demos. Once you have checked out the features in detail, it will be much easier for you to figure out which software would fit your practice better.

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