How to Choose the Best Discs for Beginners: Disc Source

Disc golf is a great way to get outdoors and has some fun. But before you can start playing, you need to choose the right discs for your game. This means you have to consider your skill level, throwing style, and other factors like the weather. When you have selected the right discs, it’s time to hit the course and get ready for an exciting game of disc golf. This guide will help you understand the different factors to consider when selecting the best discs for beginners from Disc Source:

1. Speed

When choosing the best disc for beginners, speed is an important factor. Discs that are too fast can be difficult to control and lead to errant throws, while discs that are too slow can make it difficult to achieve the desired distance. The ideal disc should have a good balance of speed and stability, allowing beginners to get comfortable with their throws before progressing to faster discs. Sources such as the Discraft Buzzz, Innova Leopard3, Discmania FD, and Latitude 64 Diamond are all great options for beginner disc golfers looking for a combination of speed and stability.

2. Stability

Stability refers to how stable a disc is in flight. Discs with a high stability rating are more predictable in their flight pattern and will be less affected by wind or other external factors. Beginners should look for discs with a stability rating of 0.5 or higher, as these will provide the most consistent performance. Additionally, lighter-weight discs (150-159g) are generally better suited for beginners as they are easier to control and throw.

3. Glide

Glide refers to how well a disc will stay in the air and maintain its trajectory. Discs with higher glide ratings tend to fly farther and more accurately than those with lower ratings. Beginners should look for discs with good glide ratings to get the most out of their throws. Additionally, lighter discs tend to have better glides than heavier ones, so it’s best to start with a 150-159g disc when selecting your first set of discs.

4. Weight

Choosing the best discs for beginners can be difficult, especially when it comes to weight. Different weights of discs will fly differently and affect your distance and accuracy depending on player ability and wind conditions. Look for a slower-speed disc with a lower stability rating, like an Understable Driver or Mid-Range, to start with, as these will be easier to control than higher-speed discs. Additionally, the lighter the disc, the easier it is to throw, so opt for a disc in the 150-170g range for more comfortable throws.

5. Rim Width

Discs with a wider rim are easier to grip and throw, making them ideal for beginners. Wider rims also provide more stability and control in the air, allowing for better accuracy when throwing. However, discs with narrower rims can fly faster and farther, so they may be more suitable for experienced players. Ultimately, choosing a disc that feels comfortable in your hand and suits your skill level is important.

6. Flight Paths

Different discs have different flight paths depending on their shape and design features, such as wing size and angle of attack (AOA). For example, overstable discs tend to have an AOA that causes them to turn sharply right after being released, while understable discs have an AOA that causes them to turn left after being released. Discs have predictable flight paths, so they can better predict where their shots will go once they leave their hands.

7. Durability

Durability is another important factor when selecting a disc since it affects how long it will last before needing replacement due to wear and tear from use over time. Look for durable materials such as plastic or metal alloy that won’t break down easily over time due to regular use or exposure to extreme temperatures or weather conditions like rain or snowfall.

8. Price Point

The price point is key when selecting your first set of discs since cheaper models may offer a different performance level than pricier ones. However, if you’re starting, then it might make sense, financially speaking, to opt for cheaper models until you gain more experience and decide which type of disc works best for your style of play. Read more about Hiking Backpack

9. Color & Design

Last but not least, colour & design are also factors worth considering since they can affect your enjoyment of playing and other players’ perceptions of you. Choose colors & designs that appeal most aesthetically pleasingly & accurately reflect your personality & style.


Choosing the right disc golf disc can seem overwhelming at first, but by understanding each factor involved, you’ll be able to decide which type works best for your game. With practice & patience, you’ll soon find yourself mastering each shot & enjoying every round!

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