Getting High Street Back to Business with SMS Marketing

One of the first ways to communicate digitally in the budding era of personal phones was SMS. Every update or happening in the world was delivered through an SMS. Be it the cricket live score or the new sale around your corner. It is simple, fast and very efficient. One hundred and sixty, to say what is to be said. This was Twitter before Twitter.

Starting as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), the purpose of what we today know as SMS (Short Message Service) was to initiate a quick two-way information channel. Taking public network systems and personalizing them without the need to look for network signals.

SMS Marketing for the Win

SMS marketing is still a strong way of attracting customers. It doesn’t involve them diving into an app to notice your company. All it takes is a swipe to open the notification bar and there you are. That’s your chance to make the most out of your SMS marketing strategy.

SMS marketing generally involves getting customers intrigued by your business ideas through the medium of SMS services. Many companies use SMS marketing software to ensure that they connect a business to the ideal.


The SMS marketing software is developed in the correct range to fit a company’s demographic customer range, marketing requirements, and customer relationship management. There are many ways in which one can get their company noticed through SMS marketing. One such popular way is called “bulk SMS marketing.”

In this strategy, bulk SMS are sent to the targeted customers in heavy numbers. Such bulk messages look to target and alert potential and regular customers of a recent sale or attractive deals. Bulk SMS services are used to make the most of a short window of time. Just like a whole-sale business, it reaches out to a large number of consumers through bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the types handled by SMS marketing software handling companies. Such marketing software also works on apps such as WhatsApp. With that being said, let’s look at some tips to make the most of SMS services. Try out Bulk SMS Marketing.

Making the most out of the attention provided

It is said that humans have an attention span of six seconds. Make sure you make the most out of that time range. Keep the message and language clear and simple to understand. Which brings us to the next point.

To be clear

The message should contain the purpose very clearly. Is it a brand promotion, an event reminder, or an announcement of an upcoming sale? This can allow customers to think whether the message concerns them or not. This leads to more engagement with respect to the text message.

Actionable messages

Marketing software allows one to quickly engage their audience in what the company is offering through text messaging. Make sure you tell your customer what the next step is for them to get involved in the contest you are promoting or the coupon you are providing them with. Text messages have one of the highest engagements in the field of digital marketing. That is because of their simplicity and ease of usage.

Plan a strategy

Sending bulk messages sent through bulk SMS services allows you to tap into various segments present in the market. It is advisable you keep your customer target group not too small for it to make no difference. Not too big for it to become too expensive. Understand your market and your marketing goals. Make the most out of options such as bulk messages and bulk SMS.

Information is everything

After the execution of your strategy. It is very important for one to note the statistics and make sense of them. Having data is not the most important task; making sense of it for the betterment of your business (information) is the most vital element of using marketing software.

Supply is always high if you hit where the demand exists. Texting messages on the medium of WhatsApp allows for more creativity and a better contact to the customers. There are many ways one can select and toggle their marketing campaigns on either SMS services or text messaging. Companies like Whatso look into such details and provide marketing software services to all sorts of businesses.


One should make sure to make the most out of the simplicities that lie in SMS services. To make the appeal towards your customer valuable and clear. It is very important to also note the engagement and response you deal with to utilize the most out of such marketing software. To keep your strategy under the check and experiment slowly but surely with all options like bulk messages/bulk SMS services or venturing to another app or space. Start your venture today by visiting Whatso.

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