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Brass kitchen faucet


Kitchen faucets are available in different materials such as steel, brass, and gold, etc. Every material has some specialties. Brass is mostly used in kitchen faucets because of the special features that make it different and better than other materials. The corrosion resistance of solid brass faucet is more than the simple brass. Some faucets are totally made up of brass but some just have brass plating. So, such faucets that have brass plating corrodes soon as compared to the faucet that is made of solid brass.

Benefits of choosing brass kitchen faucet:

As we know that everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. Here we have discussed some main advantages of choosing brass faucets for your kitchen.

  1. Durability:

The durability of your kitchen faucet matters a lot because the faucets are the things that are frequently used in your kitchen. The durability of brass faucets is more as compared to the durability of the other faucets.

  1. Corrosion resistant:

Brass kitchen faucet are resistant to corrosion so their durability is long as compared to the other faucets. When any metal comes in contact with water it starts rusting. But brass has high corrosion resistance because of which it does not rust quickly.

  1. Gives your kitchen a vintage look:

Many people choose brass faucets for their kitchen because it gives your kitchen a vintage look.

Brass kitchen faucet:

The brass kitchen faucet are available in different styles. And each faucet is different in features with other faucet. . Some faucets have single handle but some faucets have two handles. Some brass faucets with their features are described below:

  • Brass Simpalo single handle kitchen faucet:

This faucet has single handle and its price is almost $321. it is made by Kohler. The overall top to bottom height of this faucet is about 17.2” and its overall width is 8.55”. It has spot resistance finish. Its (front to back ) spout reach is 8.6”. Its maximum rate of flow is 1.5 gallons per minute.

  • Brass Simpalo single handle semi professional kitchen faucets:

The overall faucet height is 21.37” and the overall width of this faucet is almost 2.5”. The overall weight of this product is 8.12 lb. Its (front to back ) spout reach is almost 9”. it has a lever handle and the maximum rate of flow of this faucet is 1.5 gallons per minute. The price of this kitchen faucet is almost $598.

  • Britt pull down touch single handle kitchen faucet:

This faucet has only one handle. Read more about kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets.

Famous brass kitchen faucets for 2022:

There are many brass kitchen faucets but here we have discussed some famous faucets for 2022:

  • Amasra Antique Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet With Hot and Cold Mixer ( its price is almost $192 ).
  • Contemporary 11″ Cold Water Dispenser In Polished Brass ( its price is $95 ).
  • Kingston Brass Bridge Kitchen Faucet With Brass Sprayer, Polished Brass ( its price is $350 ).
  • Heritage Double Handle 8″ Center Bridge Kitchen Faucet ( its price is almost $231 ).
  • Elkay Explore Bridge Faucet with Pull-down Spray & Lever Handles, Lustrous Steel ( its price is almost $554 ).
  • Kingston brass two-handle wall mount bridge kitchen faucet polished brass ( its price is almost $197 ).

How much installation of kitchen faucets cost:

Installation of kitchen faucets costs a minimum $160 and a maximum $345. However, the cost of kitchen faucets depends upon the material of the faucets. The price of some brass kitchen faucets is described above.

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