BlackBull Reviews – What Exactly Are BlackBull Markets?

BlackBull Markets, which has years of institutional forex experience and a focus on providing resources to retail traders, launched its operations in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2014. Since the broker began using proprietary software to enable multiple trading solutions as a financial services provider, it has been possible to combine strong trading performance with affordable pricing. Read our complete BlackBull reviews below:

  • In addition, BlackBull Markets was established as a prime broker that provided retail trading solutions and maintained trading facilities in major financial hubs like Malaysia and London for international exposure.
  • Many options, including various assets and trading conditions, are supported by learning resources and programs for active traders.
  • In addition to the various options available to retail traders, professional services are also available for institutional accounts, money managers, MAM, and PAMM accounts.

Pros and Cons of BlackBull Markets

Based on our research, BlackBull Markets offers reputable trading conditions and is a fully licensed broker. It is one of the few brokers still offering high leverage. In addition, it provides a good trading environment, a $0 minimum deposit requirement, some of the lowest spreads, and excellent education and research standards.

The drawbacks include the lack of 24-hour support, possibly constrained tools, and conditions that may change depending on the entity.

Safe or fraudulent: BlackBull Markets

BlackBull is not a fraud, no. Since Black Bull Group Limited, also known as BlackBull Markets, is a New Zealand-registered and incorporated company that is also appropriately regulated by the local authority FMA, it offers low-risk Forex and CFD trading.

Being a regulated broker is crucial, as obligations to authorities ensure that the company was scrutinized before it was established, complies with applicable laws, and operates safely.

BlackBull Markets is it governed?

An entirely legitimate broker who complies with the regulatory framework, BlackBull Markets’ registration with the NZ legal system announces its good standing and service reliability.

The broker follows money protection laws and policies, offers a professional service and trading environment, and compensates clients during a company’s bankruptcy as per FMA regulations.

BlackBull has an FMA license, so even though we advise against using an offshore broker, we still consider it a trustworthy option. Additionally, since the FMA has a higher standard than the SEC, there are different documentation requirements when an account is approved.

What leverage is available through BlackBull Markets?

Leverage levels offered are a vital component of our Blackbull Markets Review. The maximum leverage is typically determined by the instrument you trade and whether you’re a professional or retail trader. It is finally limited by the regulatory obligations the broker is required to meet.

The good news is that BlackBull Markets allows both professional and retail traders to use high leverage levels up to 1:500. International traders are also eligible for 1:500 through the Seychelles entity.

The fact that NZ authorities continue to offer high maximum leverage ratios even though most global charges have already significantly reduced allowed leverage levels is fantastic news. However, it would help if you learned how to use it wisely to avoid making trading too risky.

Account Formats

  • Three different account types were created by BlackBull Markets, all of which were based on ECN execution and offered favorable trading terms through a non-dealing desk model of operation. BlackBull did a fantastic job of providing traders with the option to access its trading rooms regardless of their size, portfolio, or needs. See our critiques and affirmations below, along with a comparison of accounts:
  • There is also a defined and specific access for professionals and institutional traders, and all terms are customized and upheld upon request. Active traders can also find specialized solutions and extra services to improve capabilities, such as VPS hosting, sophisticated reporting, rebate programs, etc.

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