5 Reasons Why Camping is so Popular in Australia

Australia is a huge country that is also a continent; inhabited by native aborigine people for tens of thousands of years, then western settlers arrived in the 17th century and developing civilisation began. Due to the sheer distance, Aussies are hardened travellers and camping has long been the most popular way to holiday down under and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Economics – Staying in hotels and resorts is never going to be cheap, which is one of the main reasons why people in Australia like to sleep under the stars. A family of four would save a fortune by renting a motorhome for a few weeks and we all have to live within a budget; combining your transportation with your accommodation makes total sense, which is why there are so many RVs on Australia’s roads.
  2. Freedom & independence – No one likes having to follow a tour schedule and when you fuel up your RV, stock up with drinking water and provisions, you have the freedom to go anywhere and the independence to be self-sufficient. If you think of yourself as a free spirit, you should have the freedom that comes with campervan life; create a plan by all means but remember that you can change your mind at any time. While you can’t simply make camp wherever you please, there are more than enough registered campsites to ensure that you have a safe spot for the night.

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  1. Immersion with nature – We, as human beings, need an earthy connection with Mother Nature and if you live and work in the city, you can plan trips for long weekends and establish a connection with nature. Hunter Valley is a firm favourite with Sydney residents, with the awesome Blue Mountains waiting to be explored. Campsites offer every amenity; mains power, water, washrooms and even sports facilities – most can be booked online. There is an avid birdwatching community that use high-powered binoculars to get close up with a diverse range of species.
  2. Escaping the rat race – Those who have to endure the daily exodus to the office need to get away from the concrete and tarmac jungle every now and then. While it might be an economic necessity, we are not designed for 21st century life; it is comforting to know you are only an hour’s drive from a natural paradise, surrounded by wilderness and ocean on every side.
  3. 5-star amenities – Much like you would expect from a nation of campers, there are sites all over the country, even in the most remote areas of the Outback. Whether you are pitching your tent or parking your RV, you can enjoy a wide range of facilities and get to meet some like-minded campers. The great thing about camping down under is you can be alone or join with others; some people want nothing more than being in a place with no other people. Just you and nature!

Camping is in the blood of the Aussie people and if you are planning to explore this enchanted land, renting a motorhome is probably the best solution.

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