5 reasons for any office to purchase a standing desk for employees

Those organisations that conduct their business in an office environment are similar to any other company. They want to ensure that their team of employees are given the best facilities to be able to offer their fullest efforts which can provide an excellent service to their clients which leads to growth. While being different to producing products on a production line, the same principles apply, regarding health and safety.

Employees are usually the reason behind a success story. It’s very well having great marketing strategies or being able to offer something out of the ordinary, but it requires humans to think and then implement them while being in an environment that is both conducive to hard work and enjoyment. An increasing number of offices are choosing a standing desk for employees who request one, for the following 5 reasons.

  1. The standing desk, as the name suggests, allows employees to stand at their desks rather than sitting. This has immediate health benefits as it helps in the fight against obesity, which is not an unusual sight in an environment where many remain in a relatively static state for hours on end, while still eating and drinking. Calories are burned by those who stand to work and use their muscles regularly, while there is also evidence that blood sugar levels can be lowered.
  2. Back pain caused by poor posture can be averted by those who stand to do their work according to long-term studies. This can in turn lead to greater productivity as an employee has blood flowing freely and their appetite for work will increase when pain-free. The chance of absenteeism is also reduced through injuries that are caused by sitting for long periods in the wrong position, leading to a more productive organisation.
  3. Because energy levels are increased, the mood around the office can also improve, making it somewhere fun to spend time. It can lead to greater teamwork and collaboration, as it is so easier to move around different workstations and communicate, rather than by email or intranet. Those offices which might be slightly restricted in terms of available space, can have it extended as a standing desk doesn’t take up as much room.

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  1. Work becomes easier with more output as time is saved. If an item is required from elsewhere in the office, it is far quicker to go and fetch it if already standing than it is deciding to get up when sitting. The energy is infectious and can see other employees also deciding that standing is the right option for them.
  2. The office can look like somewhere intent on getting things done which can create a great first impression with visitors. Receiving a greeting from someone active and wearing a smile is so much more welcoming than from someone whose gesture appears to be a real effort for them.

A standing desk is a great way to help the health of an employee, who will be healthier and respond by offering greater productivity.

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